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Post from very good blog about web 2.0. Click and check it out.

Sprawdź powyższy link, a znajdziesz blog 0 blogowaniu. Ten post dotyczy 60 najlepszych australijskich stron Web 2.0.

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Top 60 Australian Web 2.0 Applications
Posted: 29 May 2007 06:54 AM GMT-06:00It’s nice to see Read Write Web following up on an earlier post – this time the Top 60 Australian web 2.0 applications in Australia (full list and overview is here) guest authored by our own Ross Dawson. Ross is showcasing 5 of the list at an invitation only event on June 6 in Sydney.

Those being showcased are Atlassian, Gnoos, Tangler, Omnidrive and Scouta. It’s great to see Aussie innovation being talked about on a larger scale.

Some of the list, I’m very familiar with, others are very new and yet to be released. See how many you recognise.

By the way, dLook made the list )

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