Check out my record store: Jazz Point

Jazz Point has invited you to come and have a look at their new record store
Jazz Point asked that we give you this message: Nothing but jazz
Buy in my „Jazz Point” music store.
Kochani kupujcie najlepszy jazz naświecie w moim sklepiku „Jazz Point.
Piotr Wójcicki
The following link will take you directly to the store:
About Peoples Music Store –
Jazz Point created their store using People’s Music Store, a place where music lovers can open and run their own personalised download store. Storekeepers are in total control of their virtual store, from deciding which records to stock to designing how the store looks, and writing about the music. It’s free to join and for every sale made in a store earns the storekeeper points to spend on music.
It’s free, quick and simple to open your own store here
For customers, we think that buying and discovering music based on recommendations from storekeepers is a much more exiting and personal way to match your music taste than by computer generated algorithms.
If you need further info we have a Frequently Asked Questions page –, but we also welcome any questions, comments or feedback you have, so please do email us


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